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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Here we go!!!!

Am not going to bother writing any history here, will just start from today!!!

At the moment I am on summer holiday from school, so am scrapping a lot!!

So, thought I'd share some of the layouts I have made recently!

This is of Alessandro on his birthday - I think it shows how much of a good day he had!! 

Kit - Alexander's Birthday by Wimpychompers
And this is one of Allie. I love the fact she (almost) always seems to be smiling!!!

This photo was taken as the girls were ready for Lucie's birthday party, and yes, they are all wearing dresses, even Emily!!
Kit - Miss Racheal by Wimpychompers
 This is one of my favourite recent layouts. The photos are of my friend's little girl, Emma.  I love the fact that they are taken from behind her, although I know some people don't get the point of taking photos like that!!
Kit - Ellie Lash - Aiobheals Garden
 I have been meaning to scrap these photos of Lucie for ages, and then I found the perfect kit so got on with it!!!
Kit - Crafty Me by Wimpychompers
 This photo was taken at the beach, and I love how thoughtful and relaxed Lucie looks!
Kit - Promise by Shabby Princess
 This is Alessandro having a cuddle with Vilhelm. I love that the boys still like cuddles!
 Val sent me some photos of when I was a little girl and so I thought I'd do a then and now LO.
 Lucie spend ages jumping around so that I could get some photos of her! This was taken on her birthday just before she went to take part in her class show and then a class party!
 Em got some books from my dad for her birthday - books which she had asked for! I think she got a total of seven - I think she was more excited about them than anything else! She read for the whole of the next day and didn't even switch her computer on till the evening!
 Love this pic of Lucie posing on the rocks at the beach!
 Me! It is a tradition here that at midsummer, they make crowns out of flowers. We made them in school, then we made them at home too!
 This is another of the photos Val sent me - it is me and my mum in my nan's back garden a long time ago!
 This was taken at my school avslutning - celebration at the end of the year. We went to Norraberget and the kids fell in love with my friend from school and hos friend! These big seats are fab, so I took a pic of them altogether!
Kit - Patriotic Picnic by Wimpychompers Creations
 The girls have spent a lot of time at the beach over the last few weeks. It has been beautiful weather and as we only live 10 minutes from the beach, I can understand why!!!
Kit - Destination Fun by Wimpychompers Creations
 This pic shows just how well Lucie has settled in here - this was taken after her school avslutning, with two of her crazy friends!!!!
 For Emily for her birthday, we bought her a book review notebook so that she could write down what she thinks about all the books she reads. When she opened it, she didn't have any idea as to what it was, but was extremely excited, because it was orange!!!
 Em is becoming much more confident and actually letting me take photos of her - she really is very photogenic!
 This is me with a couple of my friends from school when we went on a trip to Norraberget. It was a fantastic day. I actually miss going to school and seeing my friends - as well as studying, of course!!!
 The girls do get on well really! This was taken when they slept out in the garden in the tent!
 When I first heard the song that I have used on this LO, I cried! Ok, sad I know, but with three daughters, its not surprising really!!!! Anyway, then a friend posted the song on his fb page the other day, and I decided to do a LO!
 Love this next LO! It was done as an ad challenge at SDD. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, and it did take me quite a while, but I am really pleased with it!
 This was for another challenge, to make a patriotic LO. It is quite funny looking in the gallery and seeing loads of red white and blue LOs, then seeing my blue and yellow one!!  The lyrics are from the Swedish national song.
 Lucie is so lucky to have such a lovely teacher in Karin. She is such a lovely person and Lucie adores her which is very important!!!  (Even if she doesn't like speaking Swedish to her in school!!!!)
 Em wanted to make herself a tutu. Always one to find the easy way, she found instructions online to show her how to make one without sewing!!!!! If I was 20 years younger, think I might have one!!!
 There was a festival in centrum called Gatufest so we went and had a visit there. The girls loved being by the water - and getting free burgers and drinks!!!
 Lucie has friends just a crazy as her!!!!!

Well, if you have made it this far, well done!!!!!  I will try to post more often now, although how much time I will have when I go back to school remains to be seen!!!!


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