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Thursday, 4 August 2011

More scrap LOs!!!

Well, I went back to school yesterday, but am off sick today :( I have really bad stomach ache which is bearable when I am lying down, but not when I walk or sit! So, I am lying in bed with the laptop and decided to upload some more layouts to here!

These photos of Allie were taken by Em, so I can't take credit for that!!!  But I just love them so had to scrap them!!!

Just Simple template by Jellebelleke's Designs. Express Yourself kit by Ronna Penner

 When the girls left their schools in England they were allowed to have their school shirts signed by the friends!!!!

This is ome of the people in my class at SFI (Swedish Language School)

When I was in England I used to drink lots of tea, but now I drink lots of coffee!!!!!!

Yunxiang gave Lucie a fantadstic game called Creationary for her birthday - it is a bit like Pictionary but with Lego bricks instead of drawing - very very fun!!!

Lucie and Cajsa performed a dance they choreographed at their school talent show.
 Emily on her 15th birthday!
 Made this LO for a lovely little girl who had her birthday the other day :)
 Lucie is such a poser! She loves having her photo taken!
 LO of Lucie with her best friend in England. I am so pleased that they stay in touch.
 Another of <lucie posing!!!!
 Emily loves reading so was so excited when she got a whole load of books for her birthday from my dad!
 Our friend's little boy fell in love with Lucie and her blonde hair!!!!
 Lucie on her 11th birthday!
 Me! Photos taken by Emily :)
 Lucie posing on the rocks at the beach!
 Me and lucie!
 I had my hair cut the other day for the first time since coming to Sweden! I love it!
 Allie at the beach!
 Lucie with her friends from school!
 Emily got  book review book for her birthday but was more excited by the fact that it was orange!
 Lucie (and we) had such a great time at her birthday party!
 Me and two of my school friends when we went to Norraberget.
 Allie again - photo taken by Emily
 Emily wanted to make herself a tutu - it looks fab!
 Lucie and her friend Emelie at the beach.
 The girls sitting together in Sundsvall at the Gatufest
 This LO is very different from what I usually do, but i LOVE it! I have just started on the CT of a fab designer called Kittyscrap. She makes fantastic kits wh9ich are really stretching my creativity and I love it! This kit was perfect for photos of my own Alice in Wonderland who was so appropriately named!!!!
This is a preview of the kit, called Tic Tac by Kitty scrap and available here - it is absolutely fantastic!!!!!


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